Since 2014, Anchor Tutors has been providing quality, bespoke tuition to private clients and Looked After Children. We focus on building strong, positive relationships with our students and their parents/carers in order to pave the way for excellent progress. We match students with high quality tutors that will tailor lessons to their specific needs and requirements.

As well as building knowledge and raising attainment, our tutors specialise in motivating and engaging learners, improving self-esteem, and building confidence through achievement. And, of course, we have fun while doing it!
We’re confident we can help your child enjoy, succeed, and achieve their very best. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss our services and how we can help you.


Key Values: 

  • Relationship building, communication, engagement and enjoyment are key to our work.
  • We believe all children and young people can make progress. 
  • We are committed to finding and investing in individual learning styles.
  • We aim to support all people referred to us regardless of their situation. 
  • Our approach is caring, holistic and child-centred. 
  • Anchor Tutors is committed to the wellbeing of its employees, self-employed tutors, and students.
  • We promote a healthy work-life balance.